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Category: Philosophical Threads

Quietly, I Am Here

Amy Philosophical Threads

Quietly, I am here. My inner voice is here more often than I can explain, a dialogue that is constantly running in my head. That inner voice sometimes writes status messages at Facebook, honest, true, a cry into the vacuous flow, and then I carefully copy the words into Evernote instead, burying the voice. But…. Read more…


Amy Featured | Philosophical Threads

When I posted earlier this week about ‘threes,’ I was only halfway serious. I was poking fun at myself and the seemingly unrelated string of odd events all in rapid succession. Maybe it is my way of standing up and roaring to the ether that I am still here, still standing, and still fighting even…. Read more…


Amy Creative Journey | Featured | Philosophical Threads | Quilting

A pointless photo, but after making my second full cup, I was thinking about a meeting I had this week. I typically manage to keep a low meeting profile, but before our once-a-month in person staff meeting this week, I agreed to a pre-meeting with a young scientist to talk about social media. She does…. Read more…