In Episode 176: personal big data, an amazing personal data postcard project, charming books on engineering and girls to read aloud, a great cookbook full of muffins, a prompt from Tammy of Daisy Yellow, and more creative talk.

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My focus this week is not on the blog, on the show notes, on getting everything cleaned up and dusted off. There is a LOT to do. I could have made a big production of these steps and launched a real "rebirth" of the show ... but the risk is that would have stymied me into never actually getting a show up. So, here in its simplest form is Episode 175. (I do know that iTunes is not showing the CMP. Will work on that.)

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Random thoughts on mornings, "Warning to the Children" by Robert Graves, blue jeans planters, a white on white painting, and more. Prompt: boxes.

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Episode 171: Bacon Podcast

Catching up on a year started and a year gone buy.

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~ Heart rocks at the beach, sea glass, and perspective and perception

~ Heart rocks @ Kelly Rae Roberts

~ DIY Stone Photo Holders at PhotoJojo

~ Gennine's painted rocks [1 | 2]

~ San Francisco Library: In Its Own Words by Wendy MacNaughton (images at the Rumpus)

~ SF Gate article on MacNaughton

~ Wendy MacNaughton's blog

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(Photo: by Opal, March 2012)

Saturday - Once again.

I'm listening to the podcast (170) right now. I promise. And saying that, really, is probably for me. You may not care. You probably are not waiting with baited breath. But I need to get it done. I need to get it out. I need to then start fleshing out the next one. It's spinning around in me, and sometimes I turn around and all of a sudden see the flash of something again in my head that I've realized before I need and want to get down and explore... and then pushed aside in the moment and almost lost the thread.

So, I'm listening. I did record the other day within a 24-hour window I arbitrarily set (and almost didn't make). But I'm just now getting to the listening... and I won't finish in the moment. There's a trampoline excursion first, a birthday party. I'm a bit worried about a black and icky toe getting squashed by a jumper. But I've consented to the trampoline even though we agree on no "kicking" (which means we can miss the final futsal game and would have skipped soccer today had it not been rained out).

It's been an intense few days. Yesterday was a furlough day, the second of four, I believe, in this half of the school year. So the kids were home. I was slammed with work. And the underlying tension of the day... was about school assignments for my soon-to-be middle schooler.

The school "letters" were mailed on Thursday of this week here in the city. After what amounts to almost a year of battling with the city over a new "feeder" plan (which, unfortunately, put students at our elementary school into a middle school we wouldn't have chosen), and then touring schools, and then selecting schools for the lottery (which ended up still in place for this year), and "ordering" our choices and weighing the odds of getting in (because feeder families will have priority if they like their feeder choice), finally, forms were filled in and delivered in January. And then we waited. We all waited.

Yesterday, the first letters started arriving. Those of us who applied for charter schools in addition to the public school district lottery got notification on those schools yesterday. An online list let us all keep tabs on who had opened their mail. Already, it's clear how we'll all be split up... the kids... and the parents... the "families" of our elementary school are going to all go different ways.

The public school district letters, however, did not arrive. So... today we wait some more. Going to a party this afternoon where I know that, once again, "school assignment" will be the only topic of discussion among parents... is not my first choice. I have to admit, I'd much rather stay here, sew, finish the podcast, have some tea, read a book, sew some more, play some scrabble. You get the picture.

And then this morning, the Parks and Rec camp registration opened. We've never done camps through them before. We've always gone with the big options. I hadn't considered Parks & Rec... until I did (thanks to an unnamed friendly nudge). And then I realized that, in reality, there are a ton of options, and the cost of these camps is dramatically different, which matters a lot right now. So, I started talking with one of my kids about a few options. And then we waited. I logged on this morning, knowing that the registration began at 10AM and found that... the website had crashed. I tried for over an hour, getting progressively more stressed after having finally decided to register for three weeks of camp this way. I did finally get registered.

But it feels like it's been quite a morning.

These shoes were snapped last week on a misty day and a short excursion to the park. These shoes -- tell their own story. (As do our worn out jeans. At least we didn't ALL have on jeans with holes in the knees in this shot.)




Reading at the Park

It's taken more than a week since recording to edit and push this live. Much changes in a week! Even so, here it is, 169, and the first of 2012. Gonna get faster. As I type in these show notes, knowing I'll have to come back later and fill in what's missing, there are a gaggle of boys (give or take) in the other room for a birthday sleepover. It's February. But this show takes January as its premise. Enjoy.

In this Episode:

~ word of the year, Ali's One Little Word, Katrina's Capture Your 365+1

~ vignettes

~ reflections on the year of birds

~ what's on the design wall

~ A Year of Mornings: 3191 Miles Apart

~ Feb Capture Your 365 Idea List

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Snow Globe 2010

(Photo from 2010.)

In Episode 168:

~ 2011 draws to a close
~ a story for the holidays, and preparing for a new year (and a new "word" for 2012)
~ Length: 34 min

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