I don’t do a lot of hyping the “donate” button. I feel a little awkward about it, really. But, after running the show for more than five years, it bears noting that putting together, recording, and producing a podcast takes, of course, a lot of time. Beyond that, a podcast takes a good amount of bandwidth and server space to handle the distribution and access to the files.

Contributions of all sizes help support the backend (the technology) as well as the front end (my time, my need for supplies and tools so I can keep creating and having new things to talk to you about each week, my desire for a bottomless sugar-free vanilla latte, and, of course, my love of paints, inks, pens, and MoleskinesMoleskines).

So where do you come in?

  • Some listeners help support the show by making monetary contributions using PayPal.
  • Some listeners contribute by being frequent commenters (here and in the Flickr gallery).
  • Some listeners contribute by being frequent posters at Flickr.
  • Some listeners custom order pen pouches to keep up with their tools.
  • Some listeners contribute by using the Amazon links on the CMP site to search for and order books.
  • Some listeners contribute by sending small goodies, or mail art, or ATC’s just because, or watercolor pencils just because, or cool permanent ink pens for sketching, or, well you get the picture… just to say “hi” and “I know you’re out there!” I like an unexpected mail surprise as well as the next creative person!

All forms of support are appreciated, even hearing from you via email that you “like what’s happening and what you’re hearing.” It all matters, and you each have different ways to contribute. And, of course, you are welcome to contribute in multiple ways. Whatever makes you comfortable. Whatever you feel inspired to do… after you get done creating something and making art and turning your vision into something spectacular, of course.

PayPal is one method for making contributions (the link appears in the right-hand column of the main page). If you’d rather not use PayPal (for whatever reason), regular mail works, too. If you are interested in mailing something to me, let me know.

How much do you spend, without even thinking about it, for a magazine subscription for a publication you might get monthly – or maybe even just four times a year.

Thanks to all of you who do and have contributed in various ways to the show. It makes a huge difference.

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