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Find Your Creative Tribe

One of the best ways to boost and nurture your own creativity is to interact with other creative people. This is especially important if your real-life, day-to-day circle doesn't include other artists. The CMP community contains other creative people like you--people who are interested in the creative journey and committed to making creativity a part of each day.

Claim Your Creative Self

Sharing your creative projects and work is an important step in claiming your creative self and acknowledging (to yourself and others) that this part of you is important and real. The CMP community encourages you to share your work in an accepting, non-critical environment. The more you share, the more confident you will feel about putting your work out there.

What Will you Hear on the CMP?

What You will Hear on the CMP

The CMP is a podcast documenting the story of creative journey, the ups, downs, challenges, and successes of one person determined to live a creative life in the margins of real life. With more than 200 episodes, the CMP (formerly the Creative Mom Podcast) is a personal storytelling show. Creative philosophy and musings on life and art form the foundation of the CMP. CMP Espisodes include book reviews, product tips and recommendations, software reviews and strategies for creative people, creative prompts to boost and encourage your creativity, and other creative fodder to keep you inspired and actively evaluating and evolving your own creative processes. The CMP is not an interview show. Through the stories on the CMP, I hope you gain insight into your own creative life and approach your own creative habits, routines, and education with fresh eyes and renewed spirit. Creativity matters--in whatever form it takes for you.

True tales from one creative journey

Real-world creativity in and around everyday life

Book reviews to fuel your creativity

Tips and tricks you can use with materials you have

Prompts to encourage and support your creativity

Creative, inspiring, relatable stories

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Support the CMP

Talk is free, but the time and resources involved in creating, hosting, and facilitating the show are not. I often pretend that your support is superfluous and simply helps keep me in coffee. In reality, the show costs more than just my caffeinated philosophizing. Your support helps keep the CMP going by helping keep the servers and website running and helping ensure the means to continue generating creative content.

One-time "tip jar" donations are always appreciated, and every great wanderer and creative soul can use a patron.

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Catch some of these favorite episodes while they are still available!

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