So, you’d like to contribute to the show but aren’t sure how? Well, first, you might check the various ways to “contribute” to the show by clicking here. But, “submissions” are a bit different…

Here are a few things I routinely ask for or invite listeners to send…

  • “Shout outs.” A “shout out” is a short audio clip (maybe 10-15 seconds) where you say your name, where you live, and why you like the Creative Mom Podcast … or even just what “kind” of a creative type you are.
  • Favorite quotes. Favorite creative and inspiring quotes are always welcome. Send them on. If you want to record them, that’s great. Text is fine, too.
  • “What’s on my nightstand…” A short audio clip where you list the creative, art-themed (or otherwise relevant) titles on your nightstand or current “to read” shelf.

  • Favorite recipe

Note: While the Creative Mom Moment essay was initially a cornerstone of the show, I do not play other writers’ essays on the show. Sorry.

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