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Gathering Data

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Tracking ICAD 2016
Tracking ICAD 2016

Over the last week or so, I’ve been thinking about my recent drawings… about the 61 days of this summer’s ICAD challenge, and about the sub-themes and batches of cards I’ve done this summer. For me, ICAD is a daily challenge… it isn’t specifically “about” ICAD… it is about the challenge to do a daily and to do it with a community. I also love that there are prompts, if you want them, and at least a few constructs in place that keep everyone doing something on a similar plane… or on a similar substrate (as Tammy might say).

As I thought about the nearly 61 cards (it’s not quite over) that I’ve done this summer, I know there have been a few sub-themes… stuffed bears was my initial focus (as you may recall from Episode 185). But gradually, I shifted into exploring another favorite… chairs. And with chairs… I decided to couple windows. A few cards contain self-portraits, and a few involve people. And almost all of them offered a challenge for dealing with perspective.

In terms of approach… I am honest about my love of black and white and of ink. But for ICAD, I often have used fabric bits and cancelled stamps (both of which add color). I often use watercolor, and this year I also experimented with NeoColors II (a gift). I often use stencils to add words or numbers, and this year I incorporated bits and pieces of found text and spent time tearing and gluing words from magazines. As the summer moved on, I grabbed white acrylic from time to time, experimented with one-staple collage, and brought more and more collage into the foundation of my pieces.

And then… I returned to my primary interest: black and white and ink and an overarching interest in creating and capturing a quiet moment.

I have a few cards from the summer that are incomplete and some that I don’t really like. But I also have many that I love.

Curious about how things mapped out, I made a list last night. I wish I could have fit all 61 on the same card, but that didn’t work, so my tracking chart spans 2 cards. Ultimately, there are other data points I would like to also chronicle and tally about this set of cards. I might do that digitally in a spreadsheet, a running archive that I can add to next year.

But last night I did a quick dive, a surface-level inventory of ICAD 2016. Negotiating the constraints of the card and unsure what categories I really wanted (something that became more clear after I started logging the full set!), I put in some primary categories and sat and went through the cards, noting in brief the prompt, what is on my card, and then things like: Did the card use the prompt? Is the card in color? Does the card feature a stuffed thing? Was this card whitewashed? Is there collage? Window? Chair?

As I logged the data, I realized there are some unfortunate gray areas in my columns, some areas of overlap… “color” was too vague… and “collage” was also too vague because gluing down a stamp and doing more extensive collage shouldn’t both count in the same column. I would also want to add a column for watercolor or NeoColor II, a column for fabric, and even a column for stamps. I also want to include the dozen or more cards I did before ICAD started and how they fit into the rubric because I think they are interesting in terms of how I approached the cards this summer. But for an initial look at use of the prompts (even if I am the only one who might see how the prompt informed the final card) and the sub-themes of stuffed things, windows, and chairs, this was an awesome look at the last two months.



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