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Amy Books | Creative Journey | Philosophical Threads

I am in a weird state of being, and in this moment, 4PM on a Saturday, I feel both the literal and metaphorical levels of that statement.

I have managed to let almost an entire day slide, and I have accomplished very little. My mind, however, has not been idle. The little ticker tape marks on a simple Saturday:

  • Finished A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler: This was my first Anne Tyler book, and I hate to realize I almost didn’t read this one. A different Anne Tyler book had made my radar, and yet this book ended up in my to-read pile. Comments from someone else about the slow beginning almost made me never start it. By the end, I was both blown away and puzzled. I am still pondering elements of this book… its mechanics… its pace… its language… its characters.
  • Walked to the market for a much-needed carton of unsweetened almond milk creamer: The boys decided to walk with me. They are infatuated with the new Pokemon Go game, and any excuse for a walk right now is something they are leaping at. (This game may be brilliant for this reason–if it has any longevity.)
  • Walked the dog: in truth I walked the dog before the walk to the market. The boys tagged along on that walk, too, hopeful for a rare spotting near the top of the hill. We paused and peered from the sidewalk into the recently completed house at the top of the hill that is now for sale. We noted the deck furniture staged on a back level that is almost obscured from view of the street but must have a nice view of the ocean. We saw that there is an upper-level balcony, too, that we had never noticed during the construction.
  • Contemplated today’s “lens” theme: Several simple objects are in my head to draw for this, and I accidentally put my hands on a relevant photo, a photo that had come to mind but that I wouldn’t have been able to intentionally find. I studied the photo, contemplated a simple drawing. I looked at the few remaining whitewashed cards and settled on one, although I am torn about using it. I carried the photo, card, pens, pencil, and eraser into the office with me.
  • Copied a list of Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcasts into Evernote. (Granted, I simply clipped it, so this took mere seconds.)
  • Did a bit of searching on the Anne Tyler book: My thought, initially, was to get a list of her novels (and save to Evernote). In finding several reviews of A Spool of Blue Thread, I sat and skimmed them, curious and, subsequently, relieved to see at least one reviewer summarize the experience of reading the book in a way that felt very similar to mine.
  • Gave in and ate a protein bar even though I keep resolving, anew, to try and cut them out.
  • Spent time researching Day One compared to Evernote: I like the idea of notes and records being collected and stored in a calendar view. But I don’t want to split my documentation between systems, especially if there is no easy way to sync materials between them. Still… Day One is very tempting. Two drawbacks: 1) it is not free and, 2) it doesn’t have a desktop app for windows. Ultimately, I am still looking.
  • Looked at the drawing I did last night to see if, a few hours later, it still feels right. It does.
  • Pondered what the above means and how to make sense of it: no clear conclusions. I ultimately landed here in the blog because of that card, because of its simple lines and black and white, because it represents what I do and should be doing… and have not been doing. I didn’t start a post to specifically talk about the card, however. Instead, I started this post… a rambling of ticker tape marks.
  • Spent time searching for groups or meetups in the area that might somehow put me in touch with others: I didn’t find what I was looking for, and I don’t know even how to say exactly what I am looking for. Even if I found a group that sounded interesting, I would probably be hesitant to actually go (or unable to go for other reasons). It was idle searching, really. Maybe curiosity.
  • Typed in these notes while the kids went on a walk to the top of Twin Peaks: Their motive, again, was the Pokemon game. Blood glucose dropped on the trip, and I tried to calmly wait and see if they could and would handle it. Increasingly, I have to be able to know that they can and will handle these things. But the number continued to drop, and I gave in to text and check up on them. They were doing okay, but a half hour later, the low persists. The ways in which it impacts everything…
  • Exchanged a series of texts with my mom about coconut oil.
  • Re-reserved A Year of Magical Thinking: I need to read the last quarter of the book.

The evening contained countless other marks on the ticker tape. More things were accomplished to round out the day, but it is interesting how the day felt like so much was left unattended and unaccomplished… despite the many marks of things considered, done, attended.

What marks “must” be done on a ticker tape of the day to make you feel the day was a success or well spent? That is an interesting question to ponder.

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